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Franchising: The Al Tamimi Triple Package

How to Take Your Food Startup to the Big Leagues

Dana, Noor and Bodour Al Tamimi are the tripartite force overseeing the dazzling, dynamic and dashing chain of Abu Dhabi-based stores known as Bedashing Beauty Lounge. Originally founded as Dashing Nails in 2008, the women have re-branded their enterprise in preparation for their global expansion through franchising. The plans are to take Bedashing from local to global, starting first in Abu Dhabi. Equipped with business acumen and the glue of sisterhood these women are taking the Bedashing experience to a new level. Dana acts as Chief Marketing Officer, Noor as Chief Executive Officer and Bodour as Chief Financial Officer and together they are out to build an empire.

Franchising can be a very complex area to navigate but it has also been proven to be a solid and guaranteed way to expand your business. There are many considerations to take into account -beyond the legal structures-when franchising. A visit to the Bedashing Beauty website at alerts us to a few of these important things.

Exploring Bedashing Beauty Lounge

The glamour is initially felt when landing on the website home page, which displays a brightly coloured and very modern woman. The BeDashing Beauty Lounge story represents a modern woman, who appreciates self-care likes fun and is fabulous. What grabs my initial attention is the home service, recently launched. I am sure this was intentionally done as it is new! This recent add-on provides that special customer experience we women all know and love. Who doesn’t like the fancy to be brought to their home or work or anywhere else for that matter? Not to mention it will allow the business to reach a wider clientele. The interior photographs of the spa appear vibrant, which create a lively and convivial atmosphere for its clientele.

Upon closer inspection of the service offering I find everything from callous off (good bye to that) to brow enhancement (yes, please) monthly packages (busy women this is for you) and party bookings too (yaya)! To attract franchisees the page mentions, “Are you an enthusiastic person in search of a safe investment?” It also includes words such as “support” and “pioneer.” This is also followed up by a list of frequently asked questions and an application. We also establish from the website that BeDashing currently have five stores in operation, which indicates a proven track record in their home base of Abu Dhabi. Now that we have explored the Bedashing Beauty Lounge let’s delve deeper into the franchising model.

What is your business story and purpose?

Every business has a good story. A well-developed business story has the potential to connect with its employees, customers, investors and in this case potential franchisees. So in essence, why do you exist and is your purpose clear enough to gain buy-in. You may think that you have the best product in the world but if no one is connecting with the problem you aim to be solving, it may be time to rethink your story. Once your story is understandable everything falls into place including your branding, marketing, advertising and ultimately those sales.

Franchisees will want to see a framework in place, with a proven track record. This is your vision in practice. How does it work and what are the mechanisms in place. The guidelines and systems in place to make your business work should be firmed up at this point. So, what is your unique selling point? A successful prototype will be able to convey these messages.

Does your business have saleability?

Will franchisees rush to the opportunity you are offering? maximizing the saleability of your business will involve having some strategies in place. The strategy should include all the effort you have put into improving your business prior to franchising it. The more successful your franchisees the more successful you are as the owner. Franchisees want to see an asset which is saleable for their own comfort. They will want to know if your stores are profitable to ensure an attractive return on investment.

What about training?

Are you able to provide the constant support and value required to manage your franchisees? Operations will need to be streamlined and this information disseminated to each franchisee. Expanding a brand globally involves multiple languages and cultural differences too. What will you do to constantly add value to the product in all of your markets? Additionally, what resources will be at your franchisees disposal?

Franchising is a thrilling experience, as the opportunity to take a brand globally creates quite the rush. The sisters have developed a clear idea of the profile of their franchisee and have conveyed this message throughout the website. These women represent the fearless determination required to succeed as entrepreneurs. Let’s wish the Al Tamimi triple package bettawfeeq (good luck), as they venture into the world of franchising. If ever in Abu Dhabi (or elsewhere as they expand), we know where to go for our sparkles.

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