Healthy Relocation Tips for Entrepreneurs

Healthy Relocation Tips for Entrepreneurs

Imagine for a moment all that needs to be done to move from one location to another.

It’s not just the logistics of packing, choosing a place to live, unpacking, connecting to utilities, ensuring internet connection, changing work place, working out transport … the to-do lists can be enormous.

It’s also about looking after your health.

To ensure you have the energy and enthusiasm to get through the relocation and enjoy your new location all the sooner.

Physical health. Emotional health. And social health.

As a health coach, I’m all about being aware of everything that ‘feeds’ your body. Yes, nutritious food is part of it. As are movement, purpose, relationships, creativity, spirituality and joy.

Boosting your satisfaction levels in all aspects of your life = overall well-being.

Here are 10 tips for relocating in a healthy and happy way:

1. Determine why you are relocating. Is it to enjoy location independence with your business? It is to travel? Is it to enjoy global business opportunities? Is it to connect with like-minded people?

Keeping the why top of mind helps you make day-to-day decisions, ensuring a more fulfilling relocation experience.

2. Connect with people in your new location before you even arrive. With online forums, business organisations, meetup groups and social media groups, you can both source information and create connections before you even arrive, opening the door for business and personal relationships.

Request a coffee date for soon after your arrival. Ask about upcoming networking events. Invite a potential connection for an early evening drink.

3. Learn the language if new to you. Knowing the basics will help with cultural immersion and new friendships. It’s also mentally stimulating, helping to alleviate stress.

4. Know there will be good days and not-so-good days. Most people who relocate find it a roller coaster of emotions. Nerve-wracking one day, challenging / stimulating / strengthening / unsettling / accepting the next. Trust that tomorrow is a new day and you can handle anything that comes your way.

5. Understand your legal requirements. Contracts, taxes, insurance – if you’re unsure, get expert advice to ensure no rude shocks down the track.

6. Give yourself time to settle in. Ensure commitments on your calendar, especially for the first month, can be flexible if things don’t go to plan. Internet might take longer to set up than you expected, or may be unreliable. Your energy and focus may initially be more on your personal relocation than your business. You might find different and unexpected opportunities that appeal more than those from your previous location.

7. Make sure important information is saved in places other than just your computer. Backed up in ‘the cloud’ or on a separate hard drive may save you days / weeks / months rewriting or recovering these documents if your computer is lost or damaged. This includes your business information as well as passport, bank account, travel documents and contacts.

8. Look after yourself. Get plenty of sleep. Eat nourishing foods. Drink lots of water. Walk as much as possible. Write in a journal or meditate to clarify your thoughts. Spend time in nature. Get a massage or manicure. Time and money invested in self-care returns to you many-fold.

9. Learn from the challenges. Was there anything you could have done to reduce them? Who could assist? Are there tools, advice or skills that may help next time? What did you learn from the experience, about yourself, about the new location, about a different approach?

10. Embrace the opportunity to become an even better you! Is this new location a chance to press the reset button? Turn over a new leaf, so to speak. Let poor habits slide and good ones take their place? Whether that be with nutrition, physical activity, relationships, career, stress, time management, creativity, spirituality … embrace this new chapter of your life!

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Kylie Bevan

The week before Kylie turned 40, her body gave her a clear – and painful – sign she wasn’t treating it well enough. And in that moment Kylie realised she needed a healthy body to live a great life. Kylie tweaked her lifestyle and is once again loving life – and helping others do so too.

As a certified Health Coach; author of Your Relocation Solution: be healthy and happy wherever you are; founder of Health & Wellness Revolution; with a background in travel and finance; Kylie is deeply passionate about helping people embrace life with energy and enthusiasm, wherever they may be in the world.

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