11 Tips To Create A Workspace That You’ll Love!

11 Tips to Create a Workspace that You’ll Love!

There are many types of organizers. There are home organizers who just focus on closets and rooms, there are organizers who strictly focus their attention on senior citizens and the issues they need help with like filing and handling health care papers and there are organizers who focus on kids and adolescent organizing issues. For me organizing professionals and helping them find their own strengths is my favorite thing to focus on. I get a thrill when I actually see a professional realize and discover more about themselves in the process of why they organize the way they do. Then I implement a process based on their style of organizing.

Once you know more about yourself your organizing habits will change because you will use what you implement. You will learn to be more aware of where you are needing more direction. So, imagine getting more things done and being more productive with your time and you will be. My tips will teach you time management and space management that will stick with you for years to come.

So let’s Tackle an Area that Needs Organizing with Time and Space!

Your office should be a place of comfort and a place to get work done that will be as stress free as possible, a place and space you enjoy being in:

  1. Clear everything off your desk, yep inside and out. Clearing everything out leaves you with a clean slate to create a space that will be more conducive to making you more productive. Empty every drawer and clear off the top of your workspace. Assess what you will “need” on the desktop. A lamp? A computer? Start by putting back only the bare essentials.
  1. Designate each draw for certain objects. What are the things you grab at most? Stapler, scissors, tape. Keep those in the top right hand drawer to grab at quickly, left drawer if you are a lefty. It’s the little things like this that matter if you want to stick to this routine. You should have everyday files at hand and easy to grab. I keep a bottom drawer for files I am working on all the time such as business receipts and my clients folder. Folders such as travel and taxes I house in a file cabinet across the room as I don’t need to access these everyday.
  1. Only put out what you use consistently such as pens, clips, etc. Putting out other things and cluttering up your desk will only distract you from the important tasks at hand.  I leave an “important papers” filing rack in view in front of me as a reminder of those are the important things I need to get to such as bills due, and active clients. Nothing more to clutter the area.
  1. Keep a daily To-Do within reach for notes and ideas. I like keeping a spiral notebook at hand for really quick notes if an unscheduled call or meeting pops up. Choose something pretty that you will love using.  For me I love an application called One Note. This application can be shared among all your devices and it is good for Mac users as well as all PC users. In this application you can create “Notebooks” one could be for work one could be for personal and it is all in one place. I am able to create folders, upload documents and so much more.  Visit OneNote to see how this application is used.
  1. File your papers with a system your going to enjoy using. There are many tools to use and many ways of filing. I like creating main categories such as “Home” “Auto” Travel” then I create sub folders for each main category putting car insurance, car lease papers into the main folder for “Auto”. I put anything pertaining to hotels and airlines in my “Travel” folder. This way when youre looking for anything relating to your Auto it’s in one place, same with “travel” or “home”.
  1. This one is real important! Where is that “Be back at 11am Sign” You need alone time to get to emails, calls and paperwork so designate a specific time for it. Stick to it as best you can each day. If you work in an office you will find this especially handy.  Even if you work at home I suggest using it as well as it will let your family know not to disturb you during certain hours. They too will get use to not interrupting you during those times. If you work at home, think about placing a “Do Not Disturb” at your front door as well.
  1. Pick a calendar that will house your personal and work appointments. GoogleCalendar can house many email addresses and you will be able to see them all at a glance, no missing or confusing appointments. All you need to do is go calendar do the drop down which will give you the option to “add an account” this will allow you to add your email address from many different email accounts. Yahoo, Google, even exchange accounts such as Outlook. This will blend all your calendars into one so you are viewing them all on one main calendar. The best part is you can color code them so you know at a glance which calendar is which! And to top it off I get daily pop up reminders which you can set the time to go off in increments of 5, 10, 15 minutes before each appointment set. Priceless!
  1. Ok so at this point you will need to recognize if you are a paper or an electronic person? Which one works best for you? Some people really like housing everything on their devices so even which they are out they can check calendars on the go. They like the sync option. Some people are just more comfortable using a paper calendar which they can carry with them or use a desk top calendar. So many to choose from but it’s more of what you prefer. I love using my devices, but it took me time to acclimate to this new routine. Remember to give yourself time to get use to a new system. It takes about 6 weeks of constant use to establish that routine. Which ever you chose to use make it easy. I find the easier it is to use, the more I will want to use it.
  1. Where is that one photo that when you look at it brings you calm, makes you smile? Frame it and put it on your desk space. Is it a picture of your husband or partner or the kids? A favorite niece or nephew? Your pet? Get it out in front of you. Pick a great frame. I think making that space “you” is important. It will ground you, remind you of what’s important in life.
  1. What inspirational quote gives you empowerment? Print it out and hang it where you can see or make it your screen saver. This will give you a daily reminder of what you want your day to feel like. It can be a poem from your favorite poet or something a close friend gave you. I was given a book of inspirational quotes as a gift and I keep that on my desk near me to read at lunch or whenever I take a break.
  1. Speaking of breaks. Take work breaks. Take a walk, read an article, stretch or anything that will give you a few ten minute breaks during your day. This will allow you to get back to work and be more productive during your day. Like little mini vacations. During these breaks I suggest not doing anything that is “work” related, totally focus on mentally clearing your mind so that when you refocus your attention to work it will spark new ideas.

Awesome! You have created a space that you can concentrate in, create in, be the woman you know you are in!! Be Spectacular!

The space you create around you is important. It is important to maintain an area that you can be productive and happy in. It starts with the space around you. I believe if you are in control of your time and space you get a better handle on your life. Not every one is good at it, but putting in place a process that works specifically for you will work, not everyone has the same temperament and will chose to organize their time and space differently.

Celebrate your uniqueness in your new space. Sit back and create beautifully!

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Lisa Gessert

Lisa Gessert has been organizing since 1999. She specializes in home offices and corporate offices as well as hosting workshops on time management. Having built a reputation of excellence on time and space management Lisa is in demand by professionals and businesses alike. Working one-on-one or in groups, Lisa helps people build customized time and space management solutions that work for them. Lisa is a wife, mother and grandmother. She is a golfer, ballroom dancer and runner.

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