21 Steps To Keep Healthy No Matter The Schedule

21 Steps To Keep Healthy No Matter The Schedule

As a CrossFit junkie, full-time Social Media Manger for a nutrition company and Editor of my own women’s weightlifting magazine, I have to make a conscious effort to keep healthy and to fit everything into my day without compromising any of the elements. Finding time to train and maintain a healthy lifestyle may seem like a daunting task whilst working to a tight work schedule.

However, with a healthy body comes a healthy mind, so to ensure that you are at the top of your game physically and mentally, make time for your health. There are ways of fitting fitness and good nutrition into your week alongside your busy work timetable. Use these 21 steps to ensure that youre maintaining your health no matter what the world of business throws at you.

Heres 21 ways to keep healthy:

1. Meal Prep on a Tight Schedule

Meal preparation is the key to staying healthy on the go. Whether its preparing food on a Sunday for the week or making enough food for dinner with enough to spare for the next day, thinking ahead can save you both money and time.

On a Sunday evening, cook up some chicken, quinoa and some greens. This will provide your body with everything it needs for lunch and can be kept in the fridge for a few days, meaning in the morning you can just grab it and go.

2. Slow Cook for fast food

Slow cookers are a must have for a busy schedule. You can throw a meal together in seconds ready for when you get in from work in the evening.

If thats not tempting enough, the smell of slow cooked food will welcome you as you walk through the door after a long day and can be spooned straight from the cooker into a bowl, ready to tantalize your taste buds.

There are plenty of slow cooker recipes available online but if you have any leftover meat or veg this can be thrown in with some stock for a tasty and simple stew. If youre looking for breakfast ideas, you can make slow cooked oats overnight so theyre ready for you in the morning, just add your favourite fruit to top it off.

3. Feel fuller with protein

Protein is one of the most important supplements in your diet, it makes you feel fuller for longer and provides you with energy to get you through your day. If you go to the gym on a regular basis, you could get your protein fix from shakes and bars, available from any good supplement store to ensure that your muscles are being replenished and repaired.

However, if you do not attend the gym regularly, these are still a great option as a meal replacement if you are too busy for a snack. Protein will curb your hunger and keep you going until your next meal.

4. Keep a healthy snack stash

Have a healthy snack stash in work to deter temptation from the office biscuit cupboard. The sugar in biscuits will spike your insulin levels, leaving you craving sugar for the rest of the day. Avoid this by keeping snacks in your top drawer.

A handful of almonds is a great option, as they will make you feel full and supply your body with good fats which will be used for energy. Or spread peanut butter on a rice cake and top with slices of fruit if you have a sweet tooth. Dont avoid snacking either, as eating regularly actually boosts your metabolism.

5. Healthy food on the go

There are now healthy alternatives available in most supermarkets for people on the go. They can be a bit dearer than grabbing a sandwich and packet of crisps but weigh up the positives and negatives. The sandwich option will leave you feeling lethargic and bloated whereas a chicken salad will keep you fuller for longer without the tiredness or bloat.

Ideally, the best way of keeping track of what youre eating is by making it yourself as you know exactly what’s going into your food. But if youre strapped for time, these healthy lunches are a great substitute.

6. Find time for fitness

Make TV time your fitness time, use this opportunity to stretch, do some yoga or if you have the energy, a HIIT workout. If you’ve trained already then this time is ideal for stretching or rolling out your muscles.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to get to the gym, why not do a short HIIT session to get your cardio in? Theres plenty of fitness DVDs available too, if you need that extra bit of motivation. Optimise those 30 minutes watching your favourite program, youll feel better for it afterwards.

7. Exercise at your desk

Deskercise, its exactly what is sounds like, exercise at your desk. We’ve all fallen victim to sitting hours on end on our rears typing away in front of a computer screen.

So why not use this time to your advantage? Theres wall sits, leg raises, squats, the list is endlessA little embarrassed to do it by yourself? Rope in your colleagues too.

8. Keep your body hydrated

Drink water and lots of it. Its easy to forget to hydrate throughout the day. Keep a l liter bottle on your desk and make it your mission to finish 2 of these by the end of the day.

Reap the benefits: When youre hydrated, youll have a brighter complexion, your muscles will feel more energized and drinking water helps you keep your kidneys healthy.

9. Simplify cooking with convenience food

Canned food and frozen veg should not be sniffed at. These are convenience foods which may not be as fresh but are very useful for those always on the move.

Tinned tuna is a great source of protein and omega 3 whereas frozen veg is chock full with vitamins and are a great natural carbohydrate source.

10. Pump up your heart

To bring your heart rate up and to feel the burn in your leg muscles, opt for the stairs over the lift. It’ll elevate your heart rate, get your blood pumping and work your legs and posterior, ideal for an afternoon energy burst!

11. Getting your 5 a day

Make sure you’re getting enough vegetables and fruit into your diet, they provide you with an essential source of vitamins and minerals.

But don’t go too overboard either, fruit contains a lot of naturally occurring sugars so steer clear of munching continuously on the fruit bowl. Think everything in moderation.

12. The power of java

When you’re lacking in energy, get your caffeine fix by grabbing a coffee or a green tea. There are health benefits to this as Caffeine raises the metabolic rate which helps to mobilize fatty acids from the fat tissues, triggering your body to convert fat stores into energy.

Green Tea also can also give you an energy boost, this superfood is known for its antioxidant powers and sipping on this steamy beverage can actually aid weight loss.

13. Make your vitamins essential

To ensure you’re getting all the nutrients into your body on a daily basis, invest in some multivitamins. Take these in the morning to start your day the right way and to ensure that you’re supplying your body with all the nutrients it needs to maintain health.

Take these alongside Omega 3 fish oils, which reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

14. Keep meals simple

Keep your meals simple and see it as your fuel for the day. Remember to include a protein source like chicken or Tofu, carbohydrates such as rice and some leafy greens.

Clean eating meals such as this will provide you with energy and keep you fuller for longer.

15. Fit fitness into your schedule

Most gyms now programme classes throughout the day so you’re able to pop in during your lunch hour.

HIIT sessions are a great option, a short, high energy blast of exercise which will fit into your hour break with time to shower afterwards.

16. Don’t starve, find time to eat

Its easy to skip meals when you’re busy or away from the office. However, if there is one thing you take away from the article its this do not starve yourself. This will be detrimental to your body and brainpower. You will lack in energy and your body will go into survival mode, holding onto fat stores as this will be its energy source.

Make sure you have snacks on you, a protein shake or stop off somewhere for a quick bite. Missing meals will prevent you from working at 100%, and in business you need to be alert and ready for any situation.

17. Swap driving for cycling

Ditch the underground or the 4 wheels for 2 wheels instead and cycle to work. This way you’ll fit exercise into your day.

The best way to kick-start your metabolism in the morning is cardio, so youll be buzzing from am to pm.

18. Choose bubbly over beer

Don’t go overboard at post-work drinks, opt for less calorific beverages such as gin and slimline tonic or prosecco.

Steer clear from the ciders and beers as these will make you bloat and are high in calories.

19. Keep track with wearable tech

Keep track of what your eating and how much exercise you’re doing during the day with apps on your phone or wearable tech.

Theres even sleep trackers to make sure youre getting enough snoozing in.

20. Get some quality sleep

Turn off the tech when you’re in bed. Stop scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and turn your mobile onto aeroplane mode. Your body needs time to adjust when you’ve been staring at bright screens, so give it a head start, read a book or listen to some music half an hour before you hit the hay.

Your body would have started to relax ready for bed so when your head hits the pillow youll get some quality shut-eye instead of broken sleep.

21. Kick back and relax

Have a pamper.

Relax and reflect with some downtime, as a strong mind works synonymously with a healthy body.

One of my favourite motivation quotes, If it doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you, rings true for every part of my life. I push myself to my limits every day. If you too are wanting to succeed and grow as a person in both your personal and business life then take control, physically and mentally. Instead of trying to make time in your day, make everything fit into your routine.

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