4 Tips for How to become a Go-Getter at Your Workplace

4 Tips for How to become a Go-Getter at Your Workplace

Gender biases at the workplace are always a hot topic on which everyone has something to say! Several reports have shown that women are fewer on the top positions. They are not given equal opportunities when it comes to salary compensation, assigning huge projects, or giving promotions. There may be several reasons for this, such as women have responsibilities towards their families too!

Well, the modern day woman has really no stopping to climb up the career ladder. She is talented, strong, ambitious and result-oriented. There is no reason for her to seek professional growth by using unfair means. All she needs is to be a “go-getter”.

A ‘go-getter’ might be a person who has a different attitude towards work and life, and believes in moving on, whatever be the situation! However, there is also a different side to be a ‘go-getter’ in the modern workplace. Women are strong and competitive as men in today’s work scenario. Here are some useful tips to help women employees earn recognition as a “go-getter” and avoid being a suck-up.

Don’t be a Brown-Noser

Brown-nosers are the people who mostly butter-up their peers and bosses to earn favor or promotions. When you dislike such people around you in your workplace, others would also not appreciate if you become the one. Brown-nosers may present mediocre or sub-standard work quality, but may get to the next level because they spend their maximum time in flattering their bosses. Remember, a “go-getter” is not a “yes-man”. Sure, you would never appreciate others believing that you are promoted not for your work, but for flattering your bosses. Always get promoted and known for the right reasons. Being a “go-getter” will not only give you success, but also respect from your co-workers.

Shows Leadership Qualities Without being Bossy

“Go-getters are always determined to everything they do. This quality very well goes with the inbuilt qualities in women. The right attitude also involves taking a lead on every project by coordinating with your co-workers without being bossy. Don’t make your efforts go unappreciated by being commanding for others.

Be Polite with Co-workers, Not Just Your Bosses

It’s not about investing your time and efforts to be in the good books of your seniors. It is vital to build rapport with people you are working with for at least eight hours in a day. They are the people you may have to manage in the future. Hence, make efforts to create a congenial work atmosphere by adopting a right attitude of a real “go-getter”.

Offer Help but Don’t Take Credit for Others Work

Get started with different tasks and offer help to your co-workers, wherever required. However, while helping them in the competition of the work, learn to give credit to their work. Remember that taking credit for others’ work is neither respectable, nor appreciated by your co-workers. Acknowledge the efforts of your colleagues, even when they have helped you in a particular task. People around you, always appreciate these things and the praises allow you to move ahead in the path of professional growth.

Remember, you will become a successful woman if you learn the importance of professionally improving as a “go-getter”. You would love to tell the world that you are being promoted for all the right reasons and possesses the required management skills. You would love to see the respect you get from your supervisors, colleagues and above all, yourself!

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