Are You Pushing Too Hard In Your Business?

Are You Pushing Too Hard In Your Business?

Have things been feeling like a struggle in your business lately?

Has everything been feeling like you’re being pushed and dragged, rather than feeling easy and flowing?

Have you been worrying that the money isn’t coming in the way you had expected and you’ve begun to feel desperate about things because projects are not working in the way you had planned?

Hang on a second though, business is tough right? So pushing and feeling like an uphill struggle is all part of the process isn’t it? Surely it’s just supposed to just be this hard for a while? Especially in the early days of a start-up business, right?

Actually, no. That’s where we all go wrong.

Why We Need To Be Connected To Our Message

When we’re connecting with our truth and message we’re supposed to share, when we’re doing the work we’re supposed to be doing, and when our business feels like something we enjoy, that’s when we’re in full ‘flow’ and that’s when clients show up, the money flows and when things begin to feel fun and easy. That’s actually how running a business should feel. I’m not saying hard work isn’t involved, but the hard work has to be work we’re excited about, it has to set our world on fire, and we have to be really driven to create it because we’re so lit-up about sharing that work with others. It shouldn’t feel like ‘heavy-lifting’ when we’re doing aligned and inspired work.

Recognising Being ‘Busy’ Versus Being Authentic

I really had to remind myself of this recently when I realised I was going way off course with what I was actually trying to create. I had spent a lot of time ‘working hard’, being ‘busy’, and working with business coaches, learning sales systems and trying to ‘repackage’ my services to hook the right customers in from a marketing perspective, and I caught myself really doing the big ‘push’. I was hustling, I was chasing customers (most definitely the wrong ones) I was pushing and I was creating massive amounts of pressure for myself to create another system for my own current customers.

And you know what? It didn’t feel good at all. Why? Because it wasn’t MY true message. It just wasn’t speaking to me when I took time to read it all back to myself and I thought, ‘How can I share something I’m not completely passionate about myself?’ And if I’m not completely passionate about my message, of course I’m going to attract the wrong clients to it.

I could have hustled and invited everyone on my list to a free call, and I could have created a ‘5 step’ program or a ‘7 step’ system, but when I really drilled down to how I was going to create that system, I couldn’t do it. At first I thought I was being lazy or perhaps it was my fear and self-doubt kicking in around what I thought I could or couldn’t deliver. I worried I would get complaints that this ‘program’ hadn’t given whoever signed up to it what they were looking for. Then I worried no one would actually sign up for it at all, and you know what, that would have probably been the case if I had launched it.

But in reality, it wasn’t any of those things that really mattered, the only thing that mattered was that it didn’t feel completely 100% aligned with who I was, and I didn’t want to push and struggle with something that felt that way. I also realised I didn’t want to work with anyone who wasn’t completely excited about my message and who wasn’t willing to do the work. Only work with the willing, and that includes people who help you personally as well as the clients you want to attract.

Tune Back Into Yourself

We sometimes go off course when we listen too much to what other people tell us, use sales strategies to create something that have worked for others but perhaps don’t work for us, and when we are in a ‘hurry’ to create clients or manifest money. But if you’ve been in any of these places recently and you’ve been feeling burnt-out, take time to stop and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What it is you’re really trying to create?
  • What’s your big message that you MUST share with the world before you die?
  • What’s the thing you’re trying to help people with that you are deeply passionate about and you will not stop until you’ve helped as many people as possible?
  • Are you being 100% authentic in sharing it? (If you’re not, you’ll never stand out from the millions of other people in your field.)

Don’t get caught up in the hype of being ‘busy’ and confuse your means goals with your end goals, because your big vision, your big message; that’s what’s important to stay connected to. Otherwise, any work around this that doesn’t serve that goal, isn’t worth you spending time on, and your time is very precious as you well know and is the one commodity we can never get back.

So take a moment right now, drop all the stuff you don’t need to be doing, and remind yourself of the answer to those important questions ‘What do I really want?’, and ‘What message do I need to share with the world before I leave this earth?

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Natalie Edwards

Natalie Edwards is a womens transformational coach and Forrest yoga teacher. She specializes in working with women with the same negative body image issues and feelings of low self-worth which held her back in her life and career for many years. Fascinated by the body-mind connection, through powerful mindfulness, yoga, meditation and health coaching, she helps people reconnect to their bodies, uncover the hidden parts of themselves, and come back to a more inspired and truthful way of living.

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