Ask For A Raise And Get It!

Ask For a Raise and Get It!


Asking for a raise from your boss is as pleasant as eating rotten food and you’d much rather go clean the sewers than have that conversation with your boss.

Want to have that perfect poker face, ooze with confidence and feel completely calm when asking for a salary raise from your boss? Who doesnt? It’s imperative that you have prepared yourself for the salary raise discussion.

Think of it as a conversation

You need to keep telling yourself that asking for a raise is not going to be a negotiation, but a nice and calm conversation. Throw away that assumption that you need to have sweaty palms, mousy voice and sweat dripping down your forehead, to accomplish having that raise.

Think of it as a calm conversation that leads to an agreement between you and your boss. You tell your boss about your thoughts and needs and find out what your boss feels about this.

Having a raise conversation doesnt mean you’re going to lose a battle. In most cases, your boss and you will come up with a solution that works for both you. Employees, who tend to ask for a raise, usually have a very good reason for it. And this reason should definitely not be, that you want more money.

Raise the question

Once you’ve gathered a bit of confidence and are sure its the right time to ask for a raise, its time to inform your manager about it. You know your manager the best, so you need to figure out if you need to beat around the bush or if you can be a straight shooter.

You can either email her/him and politely let her know, that youre approaching her about your salary and that you would like sit down and have a discussion about your current salary.

If you feel like you need to bring it up in a performance review, then this could be the best time. If youve done an amazing job and your manager is agreeing with you, then you could lead the conversation to your salary.

With some managers, you need to bring the salary conversation within another discussion, for example during a standard meeting your having with your manager on monthly basis.

Flaunt your performance

You’ve either set the time and date to have the conversation or youre going to be casually brining it up during your standard meetings. Either way, in order for you to have a successful conversation with your boss, you need to gather up all the amazing things you have done during your employment.

Its pretty standard, for you to get a raise, you need to show your employer that you have excelled at your job and that you have and are a great asset and a valuable employee. You need to clearly state out what skills youve been able to improve and what have you accomplished. If youve done a great job in your projects works and received positive feedback, this is the time to raise them on the table.

You should start the conversation with the fact that you want to talk about your current salary. Mention that youve improved on your skills (name the skills) and that youve taken different responsibilities (name the responsibilities) and achieved all your goals with outstanding performance. Youd like your salary to reflect your new improved skill set.

How much should you ask for?

This is something that you need to figure out. Most companies have annual promotional raises + merit raises. This can be anywhere from 1% 5%. This gives you a good idea, on what you can ask for. Asking for a 15% 20% raise in this situation is pushing it,big time and can backfire on you. Unless your job description has dramatically changed, its best to stick around what youre company reserves yearly for promotional salary raises. is a great place to get some insight on salaries. With luck, youll have the needed information through that site.

Have a target amount set in your mind for the conversation. You can either tell your manager how much of a raise you want, or you can ask your employer to give you an offer for the raise. The offer, can either be higher or lower. If its lower, you can tell her/him what you were hoping to get. This way you can discuss to find a middle ground that works for both of you.

What if my boss says no?

If your boss says no to you and is not willing to work with you in giving you a raise, it’s time to ask questions. Now is not the time to stand up and rush out the door cursing or crying. Now is the time to ask the right questions and get in the bottom of it, to figure out what you can do, to get that raise.

Here are some question you should consider asking your employer:

  • Why they’re not willing to give you a raise?
  • What kind of results would they want to see, to improve your chances on getting the raise?
  • Where else would you need to improve (professional skills, team player and etc.)?
  • How would you do this (projects, assignments and etc.)?
  • When should you reschedule again to have the salary conversation?

These are great question examples to ask your boss, to make sure you are serious about this conversation and are willing to do the work to get the raise. These questions will make your boss give you concrete answers, which will make your salary raise achievable.

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