Entrepreneurs 6 Tips to Stay Focused to Achieve Your Dreams

Entrepreneurs 6 Tips to Stay Focused to Achieve Your Dreams

As an Entrepreneur I am asked quite frequently about how I “Keep it together”. Most people who ask me that are referring to my keen ability to stay focused on my Business, even when the road gets rocky or changes direction. During a recent Podcast interview I discussed the topic of focus and why it’s critical to the success of your business and your life. I’ve compiled some tips to help you stay focused in your journey as an Entrepreneur.

Create a Vision Board

If you haven’t checked into vision boarding, do it. It helps with staying focused, you can put anything you’d like on your vision board. A car, new home, starting a family, whatever you’d like to see come to fruition for you. View your vision board twice a day, once in the morning before you get started and once at the end of the day. This will help you stay focused on your goals, the reasons why you are doing what you’re doing. When you have a difficult day, viewing your vision board will keep you on track and to stay focused on your goals, this draws you away from the negativity and back into focusing on what matters most.


Take the time to meditate every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Taking deep breaths and relaxing brings you back into focus especially if you are feeling overwhelmed. You can do this when you start feeling anxious or you can do it during the morning before you get your day started. It’s an excellent way to keep grounded. There are a lot of meditation tips and tricks, find what works for you.

Create to do lists

Everyone keeps a calendar to keep their lives in order, but creating a list will ensure you get daily tasks done. Always tackle the hardest job first, once you get that done everything else during the day gets easier. You can also color code your calendar and lists, this allows you to see what needs to be done first or requires the most attention. For example, I use Red or Hot Pink for items that need immediate attention, I use Green for income producing activities and Yellow are things that need my attention within the next two weeks. Set up a system that works for you.

Use a timer & delegate

You can use an egg timer (purchased at any store) to keep your day in check. For example, one of the most important activities during the day is sales producing activities. If you want to spend two hours a day prospecting on the phone schedule that on your calendar highlight it in green, if you want to make calls from 8AM-10AM set your timer for 120 minutes or in 60 minute intervals and don’t do anything else during that time. You will be amazed at the results you will achieve by being focused on that one task for a two hour-time period.

Delegation of tasks is very important, especially for the tasks that drain you mentally or that you truthfully are not qualified to do. For example, taxes, most of us have to prepare our tax records for our Accountant so you have to take time to enter receipts and prepare forms. If you have an assistant or intern that you can turn that task over to, do it. Your time is better spent on income producing activities or other aspects of running your business. Even if you have to make calls into a customer service department or Internal Revenue Service, you could easily be on hold for 30-45 minutes, have your assistant wait on hold while you make better use of your time and not getting irritated by the long wait.

Don’t give in to distractions

Distractions happen every day that will never change. Learn to block these out and don’t create distractions for yourself either. If you are working on prospecting, don’t log into social media sites to see what others are saying or to see who responded to posts. Doing one thing at a time gives each task 100% of your focus, everything you work on deserves the best of you.

Take a break

If your day is getting too crazy, stop. Take a break, get out of your home or office. Go for a 10 minute walk, you will be amazed at how something that simple can change your focus and bring you back into a positive state.

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