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Find Time for Social Media Marketing With These 5 Tips

Find Time for Social Media Marketing With These 5 Tips

You keep hearing it. When are you going to set up a Facebook page? Social Media can really help your business. Have you tried Twitter? I’m sure your business would just take off if you got on Instagram. You know the benefits of what social media marketing can do for your business more than anyone else asking you these questions, but when are you supposed to have time?

That’s the thing about owning your own business, time becomes even more valuable since the time you spend doing x you could have spent doing y. So how can you still run your company and find the time to easily incorporate social media marketing into your business? Here are 5 tips to not only save you time, but make you look like a social media marketing expert.

Don’t Try to Do it All

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, oh my! And that’s just the short list of social media channels out there. New ones are popping up every day and old ones, well they just aren’t going away. Good news, you don’t need to be on all of them, just the ones that your customers are using and where they want to interact with your company. Focus on one channel first and focus on doing it really right.

I typically recommend starting with a Facebook page for any business. It is still the most popular social media channel and continues to lead in different innovations and advertising options for businesses. If you are b2b, you’ll definitely want to look at a LinkedIn company page. If you are a retailer, Pinterest and Instagram are very visual platforms and are especially great if you have lots of excellent product photos. Twitter is a good fit if you are a news resource, a celebrity or a brand targeting millennials.

If you have already set up several profiles on different social media channels, it’s ok to take a step back and focus on one. It’s better to have one channel that really rocks than to have a lot of mediocre channels. It is going to save you time and energy starting with one channel. After you feel confident that you can keep up with your first social media channel, venture out to see what might be the next right fit.

Make Social Media a Habit

No one is going to email that you missed the deadline to tweet from your company profile today or that your Facebook page hasn’t been updated in months so this means it is up to you figure out an easy way to incorporate social media into your life. The easiest way to start doing something often is to make it a habit.

While the king of social media is content, the queen of social media is consistency and this means posting consistently. Make sure you are updating your social media pages often. If you are a Twitter user, this can mean setting up daily reminders to check out the trending topics or a Tuesday reminder that you want to find 10 new followers each Tuesday. Eventually, those reminders will turn into your habits. These habits might only take you 10 minutes on most days and an hour on another day.

Find the right time of day for you to make it a habit. For myself, it’s right after I’ve poured my first cup of coffee and I’m wanting to peruse social media to find out what’s going on for the day. I can go ahead and check out trending topics on Twitter and see what they’re talking about on Facebook. Is this something myself or my company should join in the conversation or just be a quiet observer?

Plan Out a Month

I plan out 80% of the upcoming posts for an entire month ahead of time. Two weeks prior to the start of the next month, I look at the entire month and determine what I’m going to post. 20% of my posts are going to happen in the moment. I might have seen a great article pop up that I had to share or an event occurred that had a great photo.

You already know that by September 30th, Halloween is going to be on October 31st. You most likely know what events are coming up in October or what sales you are going to promote. Wouldn’t it be great if you used all your brain power at one time to put together a cohesive plan for the entire month? Now you aren’t spending time each day trying to brainstorm what to post or remember on Friday you hadn’t posted all week!

Schedule Out a Month

Now that you did the hard part by creating all of these posts ahead of time, save even more time by scheduling them all at once. That way you aren’t having have to also set up daily reminders for posts that you have already created. You’ll also feel a rush of dopamine hit each time you get a notification that your post has already gone out and it was a task that you didn’t have to put on your to-do list for that day.

Facebook has a free scheduling tool for pages that comes in very handy. If you are using other channels besides just Facebook, there are free and paid social media management tools out there. Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Team Edgar are examples of social media management software that a lot of small to medium-sized businesses use.

Review Your Metrics

Spend 30 minutes a month reviewing your analytics. I check my analytics more often than that, but if it is something that you can only do once make time at the first of the month to review how the past month performed. If you are using a Social Media Management tool, it might even take you less time since most tools offer reporting that will allow you to easily identify trends and anything that isn’t working.

Key metrics that you are going to want to look at on any channel includes engagement and follower growth. Engagement refers to followers taking an action on your post. On Facebook, this refers to likes, comments and shares. On Instagram, it is just likes and comments. It is important to have growth of followers, but it is even more important to have growth of quality followers. When you are seeing your followers grow, you also want to see your engagement grow.

You might be spending a lot of time, and even money, working on a campaign that isn’t performing well. In addition to that, you find that posting photos of your employees or sharing a daily quote are even more engaging that the campaign. You dont know, until you look at your metrics.

What have you done to incorporate social media marketing into your business without it taking up too much time? Have you found other ways to incorporate social media marketing easily?

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