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Get Media Exposure for Your Business

Get Media Exposure for Your Business

Business owners are proud. We are proud of what we have achieved, what our business represents, and how our service or product can help others. We all have a story to tell. But, getting that story told can be difficult if you: A) don’t have the resources; and B) don’t have a relationship with the media.

Business owners send out press releases any time they have a big event, grand opening or receive awards. That is great. But, the key to standing out in a cluttered market is to separate yourself from your competition. What can you offer the press that your competition doesn’t?

Follow these steps and you’ll be armed with tips that will help generate more news coverage for your brand.

You’re the Expert

You know your industry better than anyone else. Repeat after me, you are an expert! So let the media know that. Put together a press kit about your company. This will give the media all of the information about who you are and what you do. Let them know that if they ever have any industry related questions, you can be their source.

The press forms solid relationships with trusted sources and they’ll call on those sources for quotes in industry-related stories.


When you’re pitching to the media, think outside the box. It’s not about your product or company. It’s about a story. If you are a sunscreen company and just launched a new line, don’t pitch that to the press. Find a skin cancer survivor who now wears your sunscreen everyday. Think about why do you do what you do. The press does not want to cover your new product. They want to report an angle that will interest their viewers. Therefore, think about why the public would want to watch or read about it.

Follow the News

When a new study comes out about your industry. How does that impact your business, customers or the public? When studies or national news stories come out, the press is always looking for a way to tie a local angle to it. For example, if you are a restaurant and a new law comes out about tips or wages, you should immediately reach out to the media and tell them that you are available to talk about that topic. Remember, you are the expert. By you reaching out to them, it makes their job a lot easier.

Be Available

Once you’ve established a relationship with the press and they call you, be available. That includes mornings, nights, and weekends. The interviews only take a couple of minutes and they pay big dividends when it comes to exposure. And, if you’re consistently available, they will call on you again when they need their next quote.


I am a huge fan of blogging and vlogging (aka video blogging.) You’re getting your name out there as the “expert” in the industry. Post it on your website, social media and LinkedIn. If you aren’t on LinkedIn, you need to be. You are missing out on a ton of business contacts and networking. Once you start blogging, it will become second nature. I can tell you first hand that it works. A colleague of mine was quoted in Bloomberg Business. The reporter reached out to him after he read one of his blogs. Now, get writing.

If you take the time to follow these tips, you will be on your way to getting more media coverage. The more exposure that you can get in news outlets, the more your name and business will appear on the internet. When your prospects are searching for you and your company, they’ll see that you are the expert. That will motivate them even more to want to do business with you! Remember, perception is reality.

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Alison Podworski

Alison Podworski is the owner of Alison May Public Relations, a boutique firm based in Massachusetts. As a former television news reporter and producer, Alison gives her clients that inside edge by knowing when, why and how to pitch to the media. She uses her expertise in journalism to educate her clients in media training and crisis communications. Alison encourages her clients to think outside the box, be bold and do what everyone else is not doing.

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