How Writing a Book Will Get You More Sales

How Writing a Book Will Get You More Sales

Are you thinking about writing a book, but you’re not sure how it will get you more sales? You know that it will help you to grow your business, but you are wondering where to start?

Your book itself isnt the thing that will enable you to make your millions, but having the right book in place that is aligned to your business is the first step to success. When you have all of the elements in place to use your book to grow your business, then your book will get you more sales.

Read on to get advice from expert author and business book mentor, Karen Williams, who will show you how its done!

You’ll get clear on what you actually do

I’ve found with many of my clients, the actual act of starting to write their book helps them to get clear on what it is that they actually do and how they do it. It enables them to define their packages and programmes, and focus on who is their ideal client. Some of these clients go on to define their signature system and others develop the processes and systems that they use to support their clients. Once you’ve nailed this, its easier to define your message and how you can promote your offering. This clarity = more sales.

You will build your expert status

Once you know what you do differently from others, it also helps you to build your expert status. There is something about writing a book that puts you on a different level to your peers. You’ll also find that writing your book will enable you to share your knowledge and wisdom. When you write your best book, it is a great way to build your credibility and get noticed, and build a community of people who love what you do.

You will stand out from your competitors and reach more clients

When there are many people offering a similar service to you, writing a book helps you to stand out from your competitors. Also, with the right distribution, you can reach more people than they can, enabling you to potentially work with individuals all around the world. More people are likely to find you, and this will free up your time as youll no longer be continually hunting for new prospects and then trying to get noticed.

Prospective clients can get to know you

One of the huge benefits of writing a book is that prospective clients can get to know you and how you work. They can experience your knowledge and expertise before they buy from you at a higher level. In addition, by having this presence others will get clearer on what you do, making it easier for them to refer new leads to you too.

Book purchasers are more likely to become clients

Statistics prove that its easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to a new one, so having more people who have already bought into your method is a plus. Then you can share with them relevant services and products which will help them further. When you have processes in place to take your readers from your book onto your list, through creating bonuses and downloads available exclusively on your website, you can build a valuable relationship with them.

You’ll have great material for higher value products and programmes

If you’ve written a book that positions you as an expert, then you’ll have tons of material that you can use to develop products and programmes that your readers want, like group packages, workshops, events and membership clubs, as well as one-to-one services. You can take your clients to a deeper level where they get even more value and access to your personal expertise, and this will increase your income.

You’ll be influential in your profession

As well as allowing you to easily attract clients, getting noticed in your profession will lead to more opportunities for speaking engagements, joint ventures and PR. You’ll be in a better position to approach those in complementary fields where you can support each other by using your book as your calling card. Being taken seriously will help you to grow your business and increase your reach further, all resulting in more sales.

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Karen Williams works with business experts – coaches, therapists and consultants – who want to stand out from the crowd and write a non-fiction book that helps them to grow their business. She enables them to create and market their best book that increases their confidence, raises their credibility and attracts higher-paying clients. She is the author of Your Book is the Hook, How to Stand Out in Your Business and the Amazon number one bestseller The Secrets of Successful Coaches. She has contributed to four other business books, regularly speaks on business and book topics, and features in the media.

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