Leadership that Changes the World

Leadership that Changes the World

According to Global Tolerance, over two-thirds (68%) of people think that businesses, governments and nonprofits all need to deliver more social and environmental change. It is an exciting time to see humanity propelling change, driven by the heart. We are seeing this drive impact everything thing around us.

The Great Wake-Up

We are waking up and emotionally connecting to the world’s suffering. Photos of children working in mines, people living in slums, and girls forced into the sex slave trade can no longer be ignored. We want to do something. We also want to make sure we are not involved in continuing the oppression.

Demand for Transparency

Knowledge is power and consumers are demanding transparency. Companies like Open Label are springing up to educate consumers and organizations so they can make “heart smart” purchase decisions. Social media is a powerhouse for spreading information. A few days ago Twitter was ablaze with fashion companies showing photos of people who made their products holding a sign that said “I made your clothes”. This is humanizing capitalism and it is a beautiful thing.

The Revolution

As business leaders, we must put the heart in business, or risk obscurity. We are in the midst of a values revolution focused on people, profit, planet. A company’s virtue is no longer solely focused on its ability to deliver strong profits to make shareholders happy. We must make decisions that reflect our values as an organization. These decisions must have a positive impact on the world around us.

Purchase Behavior

Changing the world is great for business. It provides a story for your team to share and we all know it is the stories that sell our products. Company mission fuels passion, loyalty and excitement.

A Cone Research Study from 2013 found:

Americans’ enthusiasm to shop with a conscience has sky-rocketedup 20 percentage points during the last 20 years.
Consumers purchasing goods providing social impact has increased 170% since 1993!
Employee Loyalty & Hiring

The employee marketplace is being driven by those who want to work for companies dedicated to social good. Two-thirds of millennials want to work for a company that makes a difference in the world, reported Global Tolerance. Once you hire great people, give them a reason to stay. It’s not just about the money. Drive loyalty within your corporate culture by giving people the opportunity to be a part of something greater than themselves. When you can tie purpose with profit internally, you’ve got a priceless connection.

Impact on You

When you add purpose to your company, it will change your “internal” life. There are days when my tank is low, and burn-out is looming. But all I have to do is look at the photos of the children in our educational programs in India. I am reminded that the success of my company is not about me. I am a part of something so much greater…

As a leader, we have the ability to empower people to change the world every day.

  • Treat every employee the same, regardless of position.
  • Listen to our team and our consumers.
  • Practice kindness to ourselves and to others.

Business leaders and entrepreneurs can choose a higher calling. We can create a ripple effect that transcends our organization, drives profits, and changes the world.

That’s the kind of legacy I want to leave behind. How about you?

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DeAnne Wingate

DeAnne Wingate is on a mission to spread love and light around the world. Wingate established a 501(c)3 charity Rippled Purpose to bring education to impoverished and oppressed children. Wingate also founded Blessed Lotus, a women’s apparel company, on the principles of social entrepreneurship. Blessed Lotus empowers women to change the world for children with every purchase.

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