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Looking Fabulous for Your Media Interview

Looking Fabulous for Your Media Interview

It’s a call that many business owners wait for…a call form their public relations team saying that a reporter wants to do a story on them. Whether you are talking to the media as an expert on a story or you have a big event happening, when the press calls…it’s a big deal.

Not to stress you out, but keep in mind that your interview will be all over social media. Between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram your video could reach the thousands. With that being said, not only do you want to make sure that you’re prepared on what to say, but you also want to look polished and professional.

1. Know Your News Outlet

If you are going to your local news station for your interview they normally do not have a hair and makeup expert on staff. When I was in news many people thought that I had my hair and makeup done. I wish!

Unfortunately, this rarely happens in local news. If you score a network interview you have a better shot at sitting in a professionals chair.

2. Don’t Stress

It’s hard enough to pick out what to wear to work. Now add on a television interview and you’re talking major anxiety. But, there is no need to stress. Really!

If you follow a few simple tips, you’ll look like you just walked out of hair, makeup and wardrobe for your press interview. And, if you are lucky enough to have a scheduled interview you can plan ahead.

3. 50 Shades

Do you know what colors look best with you skin tone? If you don’t know, bring a friend to your closet or go head to the mall? Stick with solid prints and stay away from geometric patterns as they “key-out” on camera.

Go with colors that make you “pop” so opposite from you skin tone. If you are light skinned, stay away from neutral colors.

4. Flaunt Your Assets

When you are picking out an outfit, go with the most figure- flattering piece. You know what looks best on you…so just make sure you follow those rules when deciding on your interview attire. If you are struggling on what to wear, go on Pinterest or ask a friend’s opinion.

5. Head to Toe

Have your outfit styled from head-to-toe. Typically you don’t know ahead of time on how the interview will be set up. You could be filmed standing or sitting.

The videographer may also get video of your walking and talking. Make sure that you are comfortable with your entire outfit from your accessories to shoes.

6. Blow it Out

Usually you’re not given too much notice about the interview. But, if you are able to squeeze in an appointment with your hair stylist, schedule a blow out. Your hair will look perfect and it’s one less thing you need to stress about.

7. Makeup 911

If you interview is in the studio, the lights are bright and the high definition camera’s pick up everything. When it comes to your makeup, you will want to make sure that you use the right colors and products.

I suggest that you go to your favorite makeup counter and ask their advice on colors and coverage. It is worth the extra money to consult with an expert on this.

8. Plan Ahead

Having time to plan and prepare for your interview is great. But, it doesn’t always happen that way. You may get a call from the media and they want to interview you that day.

Obviously, you don’t have time to do all the previous steps. But if you have a public relations team constantly pitching you… do your shopping and get a makeup consult ahead of time. Keep that outfit in your office along with your extra makeup and a blow dryer. This way you are prepared…if the press shows up that day.

9. Last Minute Touches

Before you go on air, make sure to touch up your makeup, adjust your wardrobe to ensure everything is tucked in and take one last look at your hair. You are now ready to rock your interview.

10. Breathe

You’ve prepared what you are going to say, you have your outfit picked out and your hair and makeup will look fabulous. Now just breathe and enjoy the ride.

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Alison Podworski

Alison Podworski is the owner of Alison May Public Relations, a boutique firm based in Massachusetts. As a former television news reporter and producer, Alison gives her clients that inside edge by knowing when, why and how to pitch to the media. She uses her expertise in journalism to educate her clients in media training and crisis communications. Alison encourages her clients to think outside the box, be bold and do what everyone else is not doing.

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