The Right Ingredients for Entrepreneurship

The Right Ingredients for Entrepreneurship

When starting your business, its important you’re cooking it up with the right ingredients. Sometimes businesses cocoon into beautiful flowers other times they fail miserably. Here are a five tips to maximize your chances to make your business bloom.


Flexibility is important in a business. When writing your business plan and yearly goals, its crucial to keep some free space for new and better ideas.

If youve already written a strict hundred page business plan, without any room to wiggle around, youll probably doom your business.

Concentrate on the more critical and important stuff, like your financial model. Keep some room in there, in case some things change. You might start with something much cheaper, but in the end it might be completely different and pricier.

Turn it into something big

Its all about starting small but thinking big. Look at the bigger picture and what the future might hold for your business. Don’t start too big, because the fall might be disastrous.

Once you start small and make it stable, its time for you to start planning and setting up bigger goals for the upcoming year and future. Make sure when things start taking off, youre able to scale up quickly and have the funds for it.


Majority of startups fail before they even get a chance. Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks and working extra hard. Usually it pays off, but in some cases, failure is inventible.

You need to prepare yourself with the possibility of failure, mentally and emotionally. Make sure before starting your venture, that you have enough emergency funds to be able to support yourself, if the business isn’t successful.

Prepare for constant work

Having a business requires a lot of hard work and quite a lot of time. Especially a startup company, it requires almost around the clock running to make sure things go smoothly.

Its like having two full time jobs and a few young children running around. If you slack around, youll fail. You need to nurture it and help it grow, just like a baby does.

Worth it?

If youve always dreamed about being your own boss and having your own business, then all of the above mentioned is worth it and does not scare or intimidate you one bit.

You’ll take it as it comes and conquer it like a lady boss! If you never go for it, you will always regret it and wonder, What if? Follow your dreams, work hard and most probably it will pay off!

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