What Will Your Empire Look Like?

What Will Your Empire Look Like?

You are capable of many things, and building your empire is one of it. Do not get overwhelmed by the term “empire”. Gone are the days where it is a status quo only for the rich and famous. Technology has been liberating us continuously and with the aid of social platforms, we can easily build something for ourselves.

Some call it our online presence, while some label it as branding. I call it building your empire to make yourself known. Yes, it starts with a virtual world. You do not need to invest monetary wise. In fact, you can start monetizing once you have established your online empire. It is the baby steps that counts. Start building your empire presence with an urgency. It does not matter if you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a beginner. You can be a student planning to go to college, a soon to be graduate, a recent graduate who has been unemployed for a few months, someone looking for a career change, or even a stay at home parent who is looking to get back into the career world. Whatever the reason might be, it is never too late to start building your empire. Better start now then never.

Why is building your empire important?

1. Personality Boost

Personality is one of the factors many of us look for in order to build genuine relationships. Let it be with a friend, colleague, or a business. You want as many people to like you for whom you are and not for someone whom you are forced to be. Starting to build your empire online allows your personality to shine. If you blog, instagram, tweet, periscope, or upload videos on YouTube, you are allowing your personality to shine. The more you engage online, you get to practise your style and your presence. People have to like you if they are going to like your brand (empire).

2. Challenges Progression

Your confidence is not the only factor which will be challenged, but every aspect of your progression will be challenged. When you put yourself out there to build yourself, you are being exposed to critiques. These critiques will challenge you to constantly innovate yourself. Your communication style will constantly evolve. Your ability to adapt, be flexible, think critically, build relationships, and maintain these relationships will continuously evolve. These challenges will not only speak of your personality but will strengthen your empire.

3. Expertise in Motion

When you start building content online. it speaks of your knowledge. Do not stop once you have hit your assumed peak moment. Knowledge is in abundance and being an expert in something requires you to constantly learn, and apply concepts according to context. Collaborating your knowledge with your personality is another recipe to strengthen your empire. It not only shows that you are a leader but you will start to empower others.

4. Leads to Abundance of Opportunities

You have to start somewhere. Do not fret about not getting to the top yet. Our humble beginnings will eventually lead us to another opportunity. The more you are open to new opportunities (despite the grandness of an opportunity), your enthusiasm speaks of your character and your willingness to have an open mind. That is what leadership is about. You want to show your ability to be a leader, especially when building your empire.


The sky is the limit to continue to grow your empire. You have your blog, or social presence. You are interacting with your audience, showing them how sophisticated you are in your thinkings and with your growth as a leader. You will then be looked as a strong entrepreneur. You do not need to embark on a business which requires thousands of dollars in funding. You took a risk as an entrepreneur to start somewhere and have built yourself as an influencer. Take for example, Michelle Phan. She started by uploading make up tutorials to YouTube. She slowly built her empire by showing her personality, her ability to progress through challenges, learning constantly to become stronger in her expertise, and being open to new opportunities. This led her to build her empire as a YouTube user to being Michelle Phan the YouTube star.

You can build an empire just by starting from scratch. Whatever you choose to do, it has to matter to you. Focus on your passion and work from there. Look at the bigger picture to focus on what kind of legacy you would like to leave, and how you would like to empower others to grow.


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Mila DeChant

Mila DeChant is a creative builder. She is passionate about building collaborative environment to empower women. She believes in continuous learning to grow as a progressive leader. Having travelled and worked in Asia and in the US, Mila brings an innovatve perspective to communicating as progressive leaders.

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