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WORK. by The Office Stylist CEO Co-Founder Sayeh Pezeshki

How to Take Your Food Startup to the Big Leagues

The Office Stylist™ is a lifestyle expert, designer and blogger who believes everyone should love their workspace, no matter where they work. From boring offices to fashion showrooms, no workspace is without the need of her magic touch. Sayeh shares her unique advice with her style savvy followers: everything from how to style your workspace to ideas on what to wear to work. Her expertise on working and living in style has earned her several partnerships with major brands and garnered her attention from ABC News, DailyCandy, People Style Watch, House Beautiful, Lucky Magazine and many more.

WORK. by The Office Stylist welcome freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs looking for a seriously stylish workplace to call their own. From shared desks to private offices, the co-working space does not disappoint. Every detail comes together to create a chic cohesion of The Office Stylist’s renowned workplace aesthetic.

Full name: Sayeh Pezeshki
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Title & company: CEO + Co-Founder, WORK. by The Office Stylist, LLC

How do you get your work done at home? Do you have certain routines that you follow?

I take a lot of breaks when I work from home so that I’m not chained to my desk all day. I also drink a TON of water when I’m home, avoid house chores during work hours and will take breaks to pet my cat so that I can have a minute of space to recharge.

What has been the best moment in your career so far?

There are so many amazing moments that I am so grateful for, but I would say one of the best was being interviewed on ABC News.

What makes you proud of your company?

That people love what we are doing and that it’s making a difference in their lives.

What specific qualities do you look for when hiring team members?

I always look for someone that has an entrepreneurial mindset themselves and someone who dreams of starting their own business. I find that they are more dedicated, resourceful and genuinely care about my business more than the average 9-5er that wants to clock in and clock out.

Being an entrepreneur is time-consuming; do you ever find yourself thinking about work at 
night while youre trying to sleep? What keeps you awake?

Definitely! Work is ALWAYS on my mind even when I’m on vacation or laying in bed. Lots of things will keep me up at night sometimes so I find that meditating helps me feel in control of my day so that sleepless nights don’t happen as often.

Tell us more about how you see your company evolving in five years?

I would love to see locations all across the states and possible internationally as well. Franchising is also something we’ve considered. Our goal is to get more people into these amazing spaces so that everyone can enjoy their workday and while being productive.

The corporate world has a life of its own, which aspects did you decide to use for your business, and which did you decide to get rid of?

I’m not a big fan of the environment of the corporate world, but I will say that having strict policies and procedures in place is something every business needs no matter what stage they’re in.

What have you learned from your success and failure that you’ve experienced during your business?

I’ve learned that some things are just out of your control and that if there is a fire you have to put it out. Ignoring the fire only makes it bigger and harder to deal with in the end.

Are you working on any new projects or launching something new that you’d like to share with us?

I am having re-designed and re-launched in the next few weeks, which is pretty exciting. The site will be even more focused on helping people love their workspace and will have an online store with checklists, programs and things to help people style their workspace without having to hire a designer.

Whats your advice for other entrepreneurs, who need to market their business with a small budget?

It can totally be done! I know that isn’t giving you something specific, but I think the smaller your budget the more resourceful you have to be. Focus on marketing that doesn’t involve spending money such as social media and blogging. And think about offering your services for trade with someone who is a marketing expert. It could create a win-win situation for both parties.

Give us some insight on how you raised investments and funds for your business.

We self-funded the business and decided to start with a smaller space rather than take out loans or bring on investors.

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