YES YOU CAN, Start Your Own Business, The Next Step

YES YOU CAN, Start Your Own Business, The Next Step

In last week’s article, YES YOU CAN, Start Your Own Business, I mentioned not being overwhelmed by what you don’t know (enough), that you can learn as you go, as well as hire those who do, when necessary or wanted, or hire someone who can oversight your progression. This is our segue into our short journey, here, into Step Two.

Address your second step of knowledge building. If you have business operations and management experience, knowledge, great. If you don’t have this type of experience, it’s not a problem. Either way you will need to learn about aspects of starting up your business. If you do have experience you will need refreshers or to learn about more detail in your weaker areas.

Again, we are living in the Information Age, where we can find material on just about everything imaginable, and that includes material on the phases of starting a business. This internet of ours is jam packed full of useful video, interactive chat sessions, bullet lists, business definitions, training sessions (including free ones), referrals to local business mentors (pro bono and otherwise), and more. Here are a few sites I always highly recommend for these types of sources and have often used:

Entrepreneur’s YouTube site has scores of how-to videos in terms of starting your business, from procedural tutorials to general coveralls to points of interest for keeping in mind as your business develops.

Score connects you with business mentors in your area, as well as sharing scads of success stories, and information on furthering your business development once the fundamentals are in place, for when youve got your business up and operational.

SBA has many introduction-to-business videos, some catered especially for women entrepreneurs, as well as video for matters regarding cybersecurity for your computer uses to covering topics related to infomatics.

SBT is jam packed full of useful information from focal points on material related to women entrepreneurs to a great compendium of resource links to tidbits on technology itself to templates readers can use.

For those of you who tensed up and wondered how painful (consuming) this step might be: Do a sun salutation yoga move and a deep inhale! This isnt hard or insurmountable, it’s simple and actually quite fun. Meandering through these instructional resources is like when you were young reading one of those pop-up books that were all the rave!

As you whiteboard and wend your way through the items we covered in the first step, and through the upcoming eight steps, use the resources above to help you compile check lists of things that must be accomplished, then things that should be accomplished shortly thereafter or into the near future. Then use the resources above to understand formats for each action you take, and to glean knowledge of how each of these affects you across the board as you develop your business. Use the resource samples I provided and then find others for yourself, use Google Search to find similar sites and resources according to your needs.

In the words of Israelmore Ayivor, leadership entrepreneur, author, and CEO of More-talks Leadership Training and Consultancy:

“Dream big dreams, but start small. A journey of a thousand steps begins with a step.”

You want to journey the thousand steps from starting your business through watching it evolve over the course of time – one step at a time, and you want to do so in a knowing manner. So follow through on knowledge building. Take the time to learn. Set aside an hour a day for three or four days out of the week, kick back with a Martini in one hand, your desktop mouse in your other, and learn as you go! Make those steps with your eyes filled with a high definition view of where you are going and where you’re stepping!

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