6 Style Tips For The Young CEO

6 Style Tips For The Young CEO

Finding the right style as a young business owner is a delicate balance. To many, one of the joys of working in the start-up space is the casual laid back culture. The navy suit, isn’t an essential for many young CEO’s. You are still running a business and want to present yourself in a way that still looks professional and polished. Here are 6 style tips to keep you looking your best as a young business woman.

A Great Scarf Collection

As a business woman, you can never have too many scarves. If you live in a place with seasonal weather, chances are you already have an extensive scarf collection. Adding different patterns and fabrics, will also give you great style leverage. A stunning silk scarf will certainly elevate any look. Pair them with dresses or button downs, there is definitely room for expressing your creativity and showing your personality at work with a great scarf. It’s a nice little subtly that can transform your outfit.

Blazer’s With Different Silhouettes

Blazers can be game changers in your work wardrobe. Great blazers can have wardrobe staples looking like completely different outfits. One great style trick is getting blazers in multiple silhouettes. There are a myriad of inexpensive blazers with different cuts available. Another great trick, is to sneak in a bit of color or pattern with your blazers. If you don’t want to get too bold at work, a blazer with a contrasting lapel is a good option.

Practical & Stylish Shoes

Shoes! They are as important as the rest of your look after all great style requires a head to toe commitment. Unfortunately, there seems to be a direct correlation between the beauty of the show and the pain factor. It is unlikely that you will be at a desk your entire work day. Find shoes that are pretty and practical.

A dynamic shoe duo may be ideal. A great pair of pumps for client meetings and a nice professional looking pair of flats for when you can afford to look less formal. When building your work shoe collection, a pair of black pumps, neutral kitten heels and a fun work shoe can give you tremendous versatility. There are great flats in leathers and suede that will be in keeping with your even the most conservative work environments.

Invest In Great Wardrobe Staples

As you develop your professional wardrobe, if you decide to splurge, do it on wardrobe staples. There are certain pieces that are found in most professional women’s wardrobes, a great pair of black trousers, a durable and polished work bag and a great fitting sheath dress.

It’s easier to build a wardrobe around quality basics because you can mix and match the pieces in numerous ways. A great black sheath dress can be paired with a contrasting blazer or worn alone. A solid bag can be worn with countless office outfits. If you decide to splurge on your work wear, try to do it on the pieces that are versatile and will last for a long time.

Find Your Perfect Wrap Dress

The Wrap Dress is arguably one of the greatest fashion inventions. It can take you from desk to dinner effortlessly. It is also universally flattering, whether you are petite, curvaceous or tall; a wrap dress is very forgiving and will have you looking your best.

If your business requires travel, it’s a great travel piece because they are usually constructed from fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily. Making them great to grab from your suitcase and head to your meeting. Most major retailers carry them, so it’s easy to find inexpensive options. You can also pair with a great blazer and it will look like you’re wearing a suit or a cardigan for casual Friday.

A Custom Tailored Business Suit

Investing in a custom tailored business suit is a pragmatic style choice for the modern CEO. If you are running a business, even if it’s a start-up, at some point you are likely to have to wear a business suit. Sure, off the rack can do the trick, but once you’ve tried great made to measure, you’re likely to never want to go back to the department store suit again.

Investing in a solid business staple color like Black or Navy, may be worthwhile. Finding a local tailor to make a suit to your measurements should be doable in all major cities. Even though it may cost a bit more, the difference in fit and the wardrobe longevity are well worth it.

The 6 style tips should help keep you to look like the confident young professional you are.

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