Top 4 Female Gamblers in the History of Gambling

We all are well-acknowledged of the fact that the field of gambling is the male-dominant filed. The minorities of women gamblers exist within this criterion.

Still, here we are mentioning some astonishing names of the famous female gamblers who have set some fantastic records within the gambling criterion. In this article, we are sharing profound details about the female gamblers, if you are also eager to know more about it, then continue reading this article.

Top 4 female gamblers

Maria Gertrudis Barcelo. Dona Maria Gertrudis Barcelo was the most famous female gambler who ruled the game of gambling. She was known as an independent woman, also a well-established Mexican businesswoman.

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As she was also had a famous saloon where most of the influential Americans visited who were astonished to see the bold and impactful behavior of the lady.

She was a famed lady due to her brilliance within the lucky girl betting on and could easily win the game because of her secret tactics.

Alice Ivers Duffield tubs hacker- poker Alice: one of the leading lady into the gambling world poker Alice. She was one of the famous women professional gamblers who lead an exciting life. Poker Alice was famously known as a force to reckon with along with the first-ever woman to gain this prestigious reputation within the gambling world.

Kristen Bicknell: the modern era’s famous young lady gambler is none other than Kristen Bicknell, who is Canadian women. The calm and charming look of the Bicknell reflects her potential poker player’s traits. It is suitable for you to understand the game of the gambling said by Kristen Bicknell.

Lottie Deno: another one in the listing is a gambling woman from the wild west Lottie Deno; she was a potent lady that simply never indulged into any sort of the smoking cigars, running brothels and not even satisfied into the political intrigue.

The lady was incredibly talented, and with his lady luck, she aced almost every game of gambling. Whether the game of poker or any other lotto games, Lottie Deno never failed into any of the games.

Wrapping up

Within this article, we have taken a glance over the listing of some of the fierce lady that simply excelled in the criterion of gambling in the male-dominant game. If you are also willing to one, then you can follow up on the essential tactics offered by these famous female gamblers, which can help you to excel in the criterion.